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I'm back <3 Lots of crap has happened, I guess. My aunt changed… - Hiya. I'm watching you. Yes, you.

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August 21st, 2006

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03:57 am
I'm back <3

Lots of crap has happened, I guess.
My aunt changed her mind after a few weeks. She realized I really have nowhere else to go, and that she needed to deal with some issues herself.

My Dad is back on drugs. Not really surprised.

My Mom moved to Alabama. To a little town. Why, I don't know...

Oh, and I got a job. I work at the Drive-thru of a fast-food place. It's super-tough. But it's pretty good pay for a first job, $6.75/hr with a raise in 3 months after you start. I've been working there about a month and a half now. Started on July 4th~

Oh, and I should be going on an EPIC VACATION <3 Well, to me at least. Goin' to the beach, bitches! We're gonna rent a condo on the beach for a week...we're gonna go to zoos, national parks, and other cool thangs'. That should be in the middle of next month or so...we're still working on the details. Funfun~

I'm tired ~.~ I've been working all weekend. The only problem with part-time is that they screw you with the hours and put you on the shitty days no one else wants. I'm working friday - monday (3pm-9pm)this week as apposed to tues-fri
I also fell on my ass at work today. It was funny, but my butt hurt...and my pride. I slipped in some water and fell infront of like, 2 shift managers with another standing near by. I was the only crew on shift tonight. 3 shift managers, lol. Though it's more people than usual. We usually get shafted and get 3 people...one for making burgers, one for drive thru, and a lucky one gets front line. Front line is easy. Drive thru blows, because you take money, make drinks, shakes, cook fries, chicken strips, etc, bag the burgers/fries, hand it all out...all while taking another person's order. Only one person working drive is hard. Today, I also got shafted with cleaning the bathrooms. Jesus, the guy's bathroom was NASTY. Pure grossness. Smelled of ass and pee. Blah. The girl's bathroom wasnt so bad. It was pretty clean already. The only thing good about cleaning the bathrooms is that they have a speaker in there with music playing. It's often good music <3

Anyway, life is good. I'm already planning for next year's MTAC! :D Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, for those who don't know! I went this year(back in april) and it was a blast! My aunt took me and my older bro.  I won best in anime for my cosplay as Totoro! I've found my pic floating around the web, which is super cool. Anyway, within the next month, I'm gonna reserve my hotel room at the con hotel. I'm doing it EARLY this time so I can get the group rate. This time, my older bro will pick me up and we'll go together. He's gonna pay half the hotel, and I'll pay the rest...I told him I'd pay for his admission, food, and gas...'cause I'm nice. I figure it'll take about 3 months of saving from worth to raise about $1,200...$200 for my half of the hotel, $200 for food for the both of us (allowicating PLENTY, my bro eats like a cow), $65 or so for admission for both, $100 for gas and misc. crap. That = $635 to spend on whatever the hell I want! Hello dealer room <3 I had $170 last year, which ROCKED...but next MTAC will be even more awesome. More money, less rules. My aunt was a little mad if I woke her up on accident when I got back in the room, which was at like 3am. So I came in earlier than I wanted. This time, I'm gonna get no more than 3hrs of sleep a night. Last time, I went to bed around 3am and got up at 7am. I'm shaving an hour off!
I'm gonna do everything, make more friends, and...everything else! I met someone there last year, and we've kept in touch. We're thinking that she, I, her BF, and my bro might all go out to eat at a hibachi grill during the con. It's gonna be so awesome. Plus, I'll be 18 later this year...so I can go into the yaoi panel >:D AND BUY HARDCORE YAOI MANGAS!

Lol, bad me <3
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Date:February 12th, 2007 05:20 am (UTC)
sorry for your dad :/

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